Allenwood Grooming Parlour

Allenwood Grooming Parlour is part of Allenwood Kennels just outside Carlisle, Cumbria.


Allenwood Grooming is part of, and is situated at, the larger Allenwood Kennels & Cattery in Carlisle. I was asked to help design a logo and some other materials as well as a new satellite website, to help differentiate the grooming parlour from the kennels and provide its own identity.

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The Result

The new logo design depicts a soggy French Bulldog covered in bubbles, although it appears that he's forgotten to take off his bow-tie! Along with a new typographic logo this forms the basis of the new appointment cards, letter headings and posters for Allenwood's Grooming Parlour. The aim of the design was to produce something fun and light-hearted whilst being memorable and visually striking, something that could indicate just via an image the type of services on offer.

The new website prominently displays the new logo and contains all the necessary information in a single concise and contemporary web page utilizing a smooth scrolling one-page style.

We wanted Designed by Drew to produce something for Allenwood Grooming that would give us our own independent personality separate from Allenwood Kennels, of which we are a part of - something that would make us stand out. Designed by Drew produced us what is in our opinion, a fantastic logo - one that we have received many lovely comments about.

Ann-Marie Sharp manager of Allenwood Grooming

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